Millionaire Mentality Pledge

God bless you, {Name (First):1.3}, for accepting the Millionaire Mentality Pledge and sowing your seed of $526.00!

Get ready to start breaking-down your current mentality and building towards a Millionaire Mentality. I want you to believe with me that God will scale you up and take you to a higher place. You’re about to embark on a new journey that will develop your Millionaire Mentality.

Within the next week you will receive your Millionaire Mentality Package in the mail. I included a special gift for you in the package – a beaded bracelet, free access to one of my courses entitled The Next Step and access to my eBook – Thought Engineering.

In the meantime, I want you to develop your mantra, pick a destination for your trip, be on the look out for more correspondence by email and revisit the messages in my Prosperity Series. Here is the link:

Prosperity Series

{Name (First):1.3}, get ready to receive your testimony and report back with your praise report!

It’s time to Maximize Your Potential,

Bishop Eric K. Clark